Icons at

Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church

Rt. Reverend Archpriest Alexandr Androsov, Rector

306 Beech St.
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103

Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church

    The icons in the Church are perhaps outstanding in this country. They are all replicas of well-known Byzantine and old Russian iconography. Those people who were in charge of the decorating of the Church insisted that only traditional iconography be represented in Manchester. No better set of icons is to be found in this country. Perhaps the most outstanding icon is the rendering of the Last Supper . The original is an eleventh century fresco from the Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. It is quite different from the traditional Leonardo da Vinci food-laden Lord's Supper found in most Orthodox Temples in this country. In this truly Orthodox Catholic icon the Apostles stand around the Holy Table ( on which is bread, wine, and salt) while Our Lord reclines on the side giving His Blessing. It is a masterpiece of intricate detail work. The faces, and especially the evil, scowling face of Judas, each represent hours of careful work to attain just the right expression.

    The Saviour and the Theotokos are both to be found in the famous Kachrie Djami Church in Constantinople, now a mosque, in the iconographic field, to belong to the sixth century. Both figures sit in state upon thrones and the Christ-child on the icon of the Theotokos is represented in a medallion similar to the znameny icons. The other icons, The Three Heirarchs (Ss. Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom), Peter and Paul, Archdeacon St. Stephan and Apostle Deacon St. Philip on the Deacon's Doors and The Annunciation on the Royal Doors , are all representative of the fourteenth century Novgorod School of iconography where the Russian icon reached its highest state of development. A unique icon is the small Analogion icon and the entrance of the church. It represents the two Arch-supreme Apostles Peter and Paul holding in their hands the Manchester Church which is dedicated to them. It denotes symbolically that through their intercessions before the Throne of God are upholding and supporting the local community of the faithful.

    In 2004, the interior of the church building saw the refinishing of the ceiling and new icons installed. The icons are from the hand of Father Andrew Tregubov of Claremont, NH. There are seven new icons installed in the church: Theotokos of the Sign,
the same icon as the Platytera in the Altar,
the Holy Trinity over the Altar,
Our Lord Jesus Christ, Pantocrator,
and the four evangelists St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke, and St. John.

Here is a view of the ceiling from the church choir loft, and from the nave floor.

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