Orthodox Traditions and traditions

Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church

Rt. Reverend Archpriest Alexander Androsov, Rector

306 Beech Street
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103

Ss. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church

    One of the many, many glories of the Orthodox Church is the profound richness of her traditions, ranging from those of the Holy Tradition handed down to us from Our Lord's apostles to the so-called "small t" traditions. "Small t" tradtions are those that are more specific to an Orthodox locality or ethnicity.

    One common practice from Holy Tradition is that of fasting, the abstaining from certain types of foods and an increased prayer life at specificed times of the year.

    One of the seven Mysteries (Sacraments) of the Orthodox Church is that of Confession.

    Many of the founders of the Ss. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church arrived in the United States from the Galician area of Carpatho-Russia. One of their local "small t" traditions is that of the lepa tree.

    What Pascha would be complete without a basket of food to break the fast of the Great Lent and Holy Week?

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