About the Orthodox Church

Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church

Rt. Reverend Archpriest Alexander Androsov, Rector

306 Beech Street
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103

Ss. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church

    This page is for those exploring the Orthodox Church, the newly baptized, long-time Orthodox, or anyone wishing to learn more about the richness, depth, beauty, and glory of the Faith.
    The links below contain a wide variety of information on the Faith, Church history, prayer, daily life as an Orthodox, and many, many more topics. The links will open in new browser windows.

An excellent and comprehensive place to start is the Inquirer's Page at the Orthodox Information site.
This link contains information on the persecution of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia under the Soviet authorities.
The Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Washington, D.C. is a good source for short essays on a variety of topics, in Russian and English.
A site for multilingual material on a wide range of topics is the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Los Angeles, California. Materials are available in Russian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
A very good periodical covering an array of subjects is the quarterly Orthodox America.

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